Recover Password

In accordance with EZPass MA, PayByPlateMA has designed a unique electronic portal where a vehicle owner can register and create an account. Upon creating an account successfully, the registered vehicle owner will receive a transponder for free. By installing this transponder on the windshield or the rearview shield, the user’s vehicle will get scanned and toll charges will be deducted automatically from the PayByPlateMA account.


To avail of these benefits and avoid waiting in a long queue, all you have to do is to register your vehicle model, year of manufacturing, and license number and create an account. Connect the same account to a debit or credit card and make an initial payment. This payment will be the first recharge of EZPass MA. Toll charges will get deducted automatically when you pass toll booths.

To check your account balance and outstanding toll charges, you need to log in to your account by using the username and password provided. If you forget the password, all you have to do is to visit the same website and do the following.

How to reset the PayByPlateMA password?

It may happen that you have forgotten the password you set while creating an account in Pay By Plate MA. Worry not as this government portal has got you covered. Follow the steps mentioned below and get your password recovered in minutes.

  • Visit the official website of PayByPlateMA by clicking on
  • Check the option for ‘Forgot Password’ on the homepage of this website. You will also have to tick a checkbox that says ‘Registered User’. Click on it and you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Discover the option for the ‘Recover Account Password’ option.
  • Once you select this option, you will get instructions to provide the registered email ID as security. Enter the email address correctly and press ‘Confirm’.
  • Check your email and find a password reset link sent to the registered ID. Click on that link provided by Pay By Plate MA to access the option to set a new password easily.
  • Set another password at your convenience and start using the portal the way you used it before.

Worry not as this process is quite simple. Also, the portal will demonstrate how to reset your password with easy steps. It becomes a lot easier for vehicle owners to reset their passwords in no time and start using the same accounts at ease.

Tips to generate a strong PaybyPlateMA password

As mentioned earlier, it is easier to create an account in the Pay By Plate MA portal. All you have to do is to set a username and password. The password needs to be strong enough so that it can resist illicit access to your account. Based on the tips given by the state authority, focus on how to make a strong password while you are resetting your account.

  • Prefer using lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers to make your password stronger and hard to guess.
  • Avoid using words that are very common such as your name or ‘password’ for example.
  • Make sure your new password at least has 8 characters with a mix-match of letters, numbers and symbols.

You can also change your password by following the same process voluntarily to keep your account protected. Even though this website portal uses a high-end encryption method to keep the personal details of users safe, you can use this trick. You can also write down your new password and store it somewhere safe. Make sure your written password is far away from others.


Resetting the password for your Pay by Plate MA account is not hard at all. the government body has made it easier for any user to access the options to recover their passwords and use the same account.

There is no need to create one when you can easily recover your password and use the same account for convenience. All you have to do is to follow the process mentioned in this article and get your password reset.


  1.     Is the PayByPlateMA portal secure?

Yes. The PaybyPlateMA portal is absolutely secure for the users. It is end-to-end encryption to store your personal details. Only the license plate number and your vehicle type are being used by the state for toll charges. The rest of the information can only be seen by you.

  1.     What if I want to set a new password and replace the old one in the Pay by Plate MA account?

It is also easy to set a new password. Simply follow the same process and change your password at your convenience. The features of this online portal allow you to change your password easily once you are recognized as a registered user.

  1.     How can I access the Pay by Plate MA website?

The Pay by Plate MA website can be accessed using computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with all operating systems of smart devices and can be opened using any standard browser.

  1.     Where will I receive the password reset link?

 You will receive the password reset link to the provided registered email ID. This will be the email ID you have used to register in this portal and have opened a user account.