Driving on a smooth road is not a problem. It is waiting in a long queue to pay the toll taxes. If you have to travel frequently and take the freeways more often, paying toll taxes can be a daunting task. To make it easier for the residents of Massachusetts, the government has introduced an electronic tolling program that can easily deduct toll charges automatically.

Surprised? It is even easier than it sounds. All a vehicle owner has to do is visit the official portal of Pay By Plate MA and create an account. He will need his name, mobile number, license plate number, car model, year of manufacturing, and a debit or credit account. it takes only a few steps to open an account and make a payment.

Make Payments with PayByPlateMA account

Paying toll charges has got even easier. Now the drivers will not have to wait in line on the road and suffer the hectic part of a journey. All they have to do is visit the official website, and create an account per the Massachusetts Government. Visit the website and find the easiest route to follow and create an account. Just add the simple information in the respective empty tabs and get the job done.


Once an account has been successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation mail with the username and password. The authority will send you a free transponder to install on your windshield or the rearview mirror. It allows your registered vehicle to be recognised.

While creating the account, you must make a prepaid payment with a valid debit or credit account. It is as simple as paying online. The portal has integrated four convenient ways to make a payment. A payment or recharge is done to register a prepaid account first. The toll charges will get automatically deducted from your account when you cross one.

If your account is exhausted, you will get a time period to recharge it and pay the outstanding bills. Simply visit the website and enter using your username and password. Click on the button ‘Pay’ and get redirected to the payment page. You can choose any of the payment methods at your convenience and get the job done within a few minutes. Remember, the government penalizes if the outstanding toll charges are not paid within 30 days.

PayByPlateMA Features and functionality 

The advent of this portal has added the highest convenience when drivers have to pass through a lot of tolls on a long journey. It saves them a lot of time and also a high amount of resources for the government at the toll booths. Here is the list of features and functionalities of this portal you should know.

  • The steps mentioned on the portal are quite simple to follow and create an account. Anyone can create an account with a basic understanding of web browsers and personal information.
  • The prime aim of this portal is to make lives easier by cutting off the toll queues for all. It will save the time of daily commuters.
  • The toll booths have cameras that capture the license plate in the form of images. Images are captured by using video cameras. Worry not as your privacy will not be hampered during the process. Based on the detailed information from the images, toll charges are deducted from specific accounts.
  • The roads and freeways will become more accessible for vehicle owners. It will be easier for the users to carry on their journeys without stopping at each toll booth.
  • The account can be recharged with a stipulated amount beforehand. A first recharge is necessary while creating an account. The next recharge entirely depends on the user’s convenience. It is a prepaid service that every vehicle owner in the state will admire.


There is no doubt that the advent of EZPass and EZDrive MA along with PaybyPlateMA services is highly convenient. The long hours of wait near a busy toll booth on a busy day sets your mood back and the urge to travel to your workplace reduces considerably. Worry not as this problem has been skillfully answered by government officials.

Create a prepaid account and make a registration deposit. Install the transponder that can be captured through a video camera. Based on the image, the license plate is tracked and the toll charge is deducted. You can also check the balance and recharge your account. You can also pay the outstanding toll charges online by choosing the most suitable payment methods. Why wait then? Add more convenience to your daily life. Create an account today and enjoy a smooth pass through the tolls on a busy day.


  1. Can I create a Pay By Plate MA account with my debit card?

You will need a debit or a credit card to create an account. The first payment is a prepaid one. It is mandatory to pay an amount while registering an account in this portal.

  1. What if I am not a resident of Massachusetts?

Any resident of the federal states in America can create an account in this portal. the process will be the same for the state residents and other users.

  1. Is it safe to feed my personal information in this Pay By Plate MA portal?

Worry not as government officials are the only ones who use this portal. In fact, the website is built on a high-end encryption model to keep your personal information safe. Your personal information will also not be used for any other purposes.

  1. What if my Pay By Plate MA account gets exhausted?

 If your account gets exhausted, you can make a quick recharge. Enter the portal by using your username and password and use your registered debit or credit card to make a recharge.

  1. How can I resolve the issues with my Pay By Plate MA account?

Contact the customer support executives directly at 877-627-7745 and get the issues resolved immediately.