PayByPlateMA has been a convenient option for vehicle owners in Massachusetts. This online portal allows a vehicle owner to register and create an online account and pay the toll charges automatically. It has made life for vehicle owners who often travel through the tunnels, bridges and roads with toll booths on a regular basis.

Based on the features of this online PayByPlateMA portal, a video image of the license plate of a registered vehicle is taken. The number plate is then linked with the registered account and then billed within 7 to 10 business days. The bill comprises the invoice charge and the toll charge to be paid to the state. Now vehicle owners will not have to stop at every tollbooth they encounter on their routes and can pass smoothly to save time and fuel.

How to Login into a PayByPlateMA Account?

Once the registration is done, one can easily enter the website and access his account by using the username and password generated. Here is an elaborate list of steps that will help you to log into the website and get access to your Pay By Plate MA account.

Step 1: Visit the official website of www.PaybyPlateMa.com/login.

Step 2: Find the Pay By Plate MA option on the homepage of this website. Select the option and proceed with the login process.

Step 3: Enter the username and password provided or you have generated during the registration of your Pay By Plate MA account. Once done, click on the ‘Login’ button. Remember your username and password are mandatory to enter this website and access your account.

Step 4: Once you have entered further information in every text box, click ‘Connect’ and let the website check your credentials. If the credentials match, you will be able to access the account. It takes only a few seconds to check your information by tallying the database automatically.

If the information you have provided does not match that of the database, the website will ask you to enter the credentials again. Make sure you make the right attempt to access the account.

Features You will Discover in PayBYPlateMA Account

There is no doubt that the introduction of this automatic toll charging portal has been a great benefit for vehicle owners and the state government to collect toll charges. The features of this portal are excellently designed so that one can easily create an account for free and connect a debit or credit card account. The toll charges invoiced to this account can be paid online by using internet banking too.

The PayBYPlateMA portal also offers exclusive discounts and deals to users based on the annual programs and frequent users. The details regarding the toll charges and invoice processing charges are described on the official website. The toll charges can be paid by using four convenient payment methods incorporated in the official portal. In fact, the account can also be recharged by simply depositing an amount as a subscription.

The details regarding the deals, offers and discounts are also explained in simple language so that the vehicle owners can easily avail of the deals on time. The State Department of Transportation also explains how a user is liable to be penalized if the toll charges are not paid within the stipulated period.


Focus on how to use the username and password to enter the website server and access your account. Keep the information handy so that you can use it to access your account anytime. This website portal can be accessed on any smart device such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. It supports all operating systems and modern browsers.

All the information you have fed to the website server remains highly encrypted to protect it from cybercrimes. Why wait then? Create your account in PayBYPlateMA and enjoy the convenience of paying the toll charges on time automatically. Find out the deals and discounts offered by this government in the same portal and save money. If you are a frequent user of the toll booths then this is the right place to seek this government service for convenience.


  1. How will my car get recognized by the Pay BY Plate MA system?

The toll booths have video cameras that take video images of cars and vehicles when tripped. The video image is then processed to connect with the respective accounts and charged with the toll taxes.

  1. What if I am facing a problem with my Pay BY Plate MA account?

If you are facing issues with your Pay BY Plate MA account, you can connect to customer service by calling (877) 627-7745. You can also email customer.service@ezdrivema.com and get your problems resolved. However, if the issues need to be addressed faster, calling the given number is ideal.

  1. What should I do if I have an E-ZPass MA account?

If you have an E-ZPass MA account then you will probably don’t need a Pay BY Plate MA account. The E-ZPass MA account offers a free transponder to be installed on the vehicle’s windshield. A registered vehicle is identified by scanning the transponder and the respective account is connected to send the toll charges.

  1. Is it safe to open a Pay BY Plate MA account?

Worry not as the website uses high-end encryption technology to keep all the personal information you provide safe from cybercrime. You can only see your credentials in the account by using the unique username and password generated during registration.

  1. What should I do if I forget my password?

Even if you lose your password, you can still recover it easily. Visit the official website and check the option for ‘Forgot Password’. Providing the registered email ID will help the website service to recognize you as a registered user and send the password recovery link to your email ID.