Invoice Charges

PayByPlateMA is a unique electronic toll collection program where a car owner can easily get his toll paid online by creating an account online in this government portal.Nothing sounds sweeter to the ears of a car owner when he does not have to stop at a toll booth and wait for his turn to pay the toll charge. The Government of Massachusetts has catered to this problem to save on fuel and time for the vehicle owners of the state by introducing an automatic virtual toll service.


Now, cars and other vehicles will not have to stop. All they have to do is pass by the toll trip to get tracked. An invoice is generated after 7 to 10 business days directly to the car owner online. The charges then can be paid with an EZ Pass MA or a PayByPlateMA account online.

How to open a PayByPlate MA account?

As the name suggests, it is an account where your car license plate number, car model, year of manufacturing and other personal information will be linked. It is quite simple to open this account. Visit and register your vehicle. Provide the necessary information in the empty boxes and create an online toll-charge paying account.

The mechanism of charging the toll taxes to the users is by video imaging a vehicle passing the toll trip. A video image is captured by the installed cameras. The car license plate is then scanned and linked to the respective account for billing.

PayByPlateMA Invoice Charges

Before opening this account, a vehicle owner should know about the invoice process and how the invoice charges are calculated.

If a user’s car passes through a toll trip, a video image will be captured of the license plate. Based on the license plate number, the account will be detected and charged with the specified toll tax. An electronic invoice is generated and sent to the same account. The user will get a notification. He will access the account with his username and password and pay the charges online. The account can also have a subscription or recharge done beforehand. The invoice amount can get deducted automatically.

For every invoice generated automatically, a processing charge of $0.60 will be charged along with the toll tax. It means if 10 invoices are generated, the user will have to pay $0.60 x 10 = $6 extra with the cumulative toll tax amount. It takes 7 to 10 business days to send an invoice.

A user should remember that the on-time payment of toll charges will not cost an extra dime. If the payment due date is crossed, the user will be penalized. On repeated toll violations, the user may get his license suspended.

How to make payments of PayByPlateMA toll charges?

You can use your online account at Pay By Plate MA and pay the charges with a credit or a debit card. You can also use internet banking facilities to make payments online by visiting the official website of this service.

You can also mail a check or send a money order to the address given below.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 847840
Boston, MA 02284-7840

The executives will send you an invoice for the received amount to your registered address.

EZ Pass MA and Pay By Plate MA also have authorized collection centers in different locations in the state. One can easily approach these centers and the outstanding toll charges through their accounts and collect valid receipts.


Open a user account at PayByPlateMA and enjoy the conveniences. This service comes with deals and discounts offered to vehicle owners who are eligible according to certain criteria. After opening the account, check how the toll charges are invoiced to your account.

Check how the toll charges are billed and keep an eye on the transactions. You can also deposit a balance to your Pay By Plate MA account and get the toll charges deducted. Enjoy the convenience of this government service and save your resources while crossing a toll trip. If you have any issues, you can contact the EZ Drive Customer Service or can call (877) 627-7745. Resolve your queries related to toll charges and payments faster.


  1. What is the best way to pay the toll charges for Pay By Plate MA?

The most convenient way to pay the toll charges by using the Pay By Plate MA portal is by creating an online account. When you create an online account, you will have to make a deposit for registration. It will be the balance you can use to get toll charges deducted automatically. There is no need to stand in a queue to pay the toll charges anymore.

  1. What if I want to check the toll invoice?

You can check the toll tax invoice when it is sent to your respective online account. Visit the official website of Pay By plate MA and access your account. Check the invoices sent to this account and find the outstanding bills to be paid.

  1. What can I use to make the payments or recharge the Pay By Plate MA account?

You can use a debit card, a credit card or any bank account to pay the toll tax invoices. No matter what payment gateway you choose, all of them are safe to use.

  1. Why does the government charge an extra invoice processing amount?

The government is conducting this program to save you time and fuel. There is no need to stop by the toll booths anymore. All you have to do is to pass the toll trip. An automatic electronic invoice will be generated based on your license plate image and sent to your account within 7 to 10 business days. The government charges only $0.60 to prepare each invoice and gives you a window of time to pay the charges.

  1.     How many days does the government take to send a toll invoice to my Pay By Plate MA account?

The state government takes 7 to 10 business days to send an invoice from the day you have passed a toll trip.