The Government of Massachusetts has designed a unique electronic automatic toll payment program where one can easily create an account and can easily pay the toll charges without waiting in a queue. It is named PayByPlateMA. It is linked with EZDrive MA.

All a vehicle owner has to do is to create an account by using its license plate, name, model of the vehicle, manufacturing year, email ID and a valid debit or credit card account. After the successful completion of the registration, a user gets a username and 4-digit password to access this account. He can submit a prepaid amount to this account and can get the toll charges deducted automatically.

PayByPlateMA Account Benefits

An account holder can recharge this account by fixing an amount easily with the same debit or credit card account. If not possible, one can easily pay the toll charges online by using four different convenient payment methods incorporated by the state government. This is an excellent step that the government has taken. It will aid the vehicle owners to pay the toll charges on time.

It so happens that a car owner might forget to pay the toll charges and get penalized. There is no need to worry anymore as the charges will now be deducted from a recharged account. It is a prepaid service that one can take advantage of and avoid any lawful complications regarding the tolling charges.


While creating and using an account, a user might have queries to resolve. Well, the most common queries have been answered in this FAQ section.

  1.     What kinds of payment options are available in PayByPlateMA portal?

Four different convenient payment options have been incorporated into this government portal. A user can choose any of them as all of them are safe.

  1.     Can I recharge my EZDrive MA or PayByPlateMA account?

A user can easily recharge his or her account in this portal. One has to link a debit or credit card to his or her account. Simply adding an amount to this account will help the user to recharge and get the toll charges deducted automatically.

  1.     Is entering personal information in this portal safe?

There is no reason to worry as the portal is end-to-end encrypted. The high-end encryption will keep your personal information safe from cyber-attacks. You can be confident that your personal information such as name, age, license plate number, account number, etc will be leaked or used differently.

  1.     How can I contact the customer service of Pay By Plate MA or EZDrive MA?

If you are facing any issue, you can directly call the toll-free number 877-627-7745 and get in touch with the executives to solve it. All your questions will be answered at that moment. In fact, any issue related to your account will be solved immediately.

  1. Will I get an invoice whenever I pay the toll charges?

A digital invoice will be generated whenever you pay the charges online. It will help you to keep a track of your account balance and the amount you are paying to the government.

  1. Is it mandatory to make a payment to register in Pay By Plate MA portal?

Yes. It is mandatory to make an initial payment to start an account in the portal of EZDrive MA or Pay By Plate MA. This amount will remain in your account and the toll charges will be deducted automatically. When the amount is almost exhausted, you will get a notification to make another recharge.

  1. What if I don’t make payments for the toll charges?

A user will be penalized if there are outstanding toll charges to be paid. A grace period of 1 month or 30 days is given to all the users to pay. If not paid within this period, $10 will be charged extra. If the driver has renewed his license, he will be charged $20 extra for the outstanding bills.

  1. How creating an account in Pay By Plate MA will save me time?

There is no need to wait in a queue and wait for your turn to pay the toll charge to the appointed executive. Once you create an account, a free transponder will be given to install on the windshield or on the rearview mirror. The transponder gets automatically scanned and the toll charge is deducted.

  1. Do I have to buy a transponder for creating a user account in Pay By Plate MA?

There is no need to buy a transponder as a free one is delivered to your registered address. You can install it on your own or seek professional assistance. This transponder is free and it comes in your name and for the registered vehicle with the license plate mentioned in your account details.

  1. Can a user outside the state of Massachusetts open an account?

Yes. A user outside the state of Massachusetts belonging to any federal state can easily open an account by simply following the same process.

  1. Which states accept EZDrive Pass and Pay By Plate MA?

Indiana, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, etc accept EZDrive and Pay By Plate MA Account.

  1. How can I check the Pay By Plate MA account balance?

You can log in to your account by using the delivered username and password and check the account balance easily. This portal can be accessed by using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. It supports all browsers and operating systems.


If you forget your password, visit the Forgot My Password portion and set the credentials again. Using this account is very easy for the residents of MA and other states. Create an account and recharge it with convenient payment options. This account is only used for automatic toll charge payments and nothing else. Feel safe as it is a government portal and handled by the government authorities only.