What if you can easily pay the toll charges without even stopping in a long queue of cars? It will be a great way to start a day. Even after a tiresome day, you will not have to waste time waiting in the queue and can straight head home to your family. This is where PayByPlateMA comes into the picture.

This is a unique government portal where you can easily create an account and pay the toll charges simply by passing through the booths. How is that even possible? The successful creation of an account delivers a free transponder that needs to be installed on the windshield of your vehicle as directed. This transponder gets scanned when you pass through a toll booth. Each transponder is unique and assigned to a single vehicle. The toll charges will be deducted from the Pay By Plate MA account you have created.

Discount benefits from PayByPlateMA

Not waiting in a long line is not the only benefit you can gain from the Pay By Plate MA account. The users also get to use exceptional discounts offered by the public domain.

When you create an account, the information and login details will be provided instantly. You can also check the information regarding the deals and discounts from the account directly. All you have to use is the username and password generated during the account creation to access deals and discounts offered. Worry not as these offers, discounts, and deals are designed by the government authority and are only dedicated to the Pay By Plate MA users.

When you check into your account, you will be greeted with a list of promotional offers, deals and discounts. You can apply them at your convenience to reduce the toll charges to be paid to the government. Most of the users are unaware of the offers and deals designed by the Annual Resident Program. All the booths in the bridges and tunnels are enrolled in this program.

The Sumner Tunnels, the Tobin Memorial Bridge and the Ted Williams Tunnels are all included in this program. Every year, new deals and discounts are designed and offered to the users. This is why all the users are requested to re-enroll every year to avail of the discounts and save a fortune.

In the same aspect, a driving program is designed by the state government to reduce the toll charges for those who are frequently using a tunnel or a bridge and have multiple passengers in the vehicle. To participate in this program, a vehicle owner has to create a Pay By Plate MA account in the official portal and participate in the annual driving program.

In fact, the government has also designed a scheme where a user is spending more than US$ 150 in a year on E-ZPass toll booths will be entitled to enjoy specific deductions on transportation tax. The local government will sanction the deductions from transportation tax that a vehicle owner is paying annually. The maximum deduction that a user can avail of is US$ 750. This amount is deducted from the taxable income of a user and is benefitted by paying less tax every year.

To avail of these toll benefits, all you have to do is to open a PayByPlateMA account online. Say bye to the old days of waiting in a queue and eliminate tollbooths for a smoother journey all year long.


As mentioned earlier, PayByPlateMA is the revolution that all vehicle owners in Massachusetts want to be a part of. This government program virtually removes the tollbooths from the bridges, tunnels and highways. There is no need to stop at every toll booth and pay the charge. All you have to do is simply open an account at Pay By Plate MA and get the transponder designated to your vehicle installed.  

Keep the account recharged and simply pass by the booths. You will not have to stop again and hinder your smooth journeys. If you take those routes frequently then it a Pay By Plate MA account is the boon you need to save time. Also the added discounts and annual programs conducted by the government reduce the charges you pay in the tollbooths via tax deductions. If you are an avid user of the roads, tunnels and bridges then Pay By Plate MA is the deal you should take.


  1. Am I eligible for Pay By Plate MA discounts?

Yes. You can make yourself eligible for the discounts offered by simply following the guidelines. Enrolling in annual programs conducted and checking the eligibility criteria will help you reduce the toll charges and get transportation tax benefits.

  1. How can I check the toll charges in my Pay By Plate MA account?

When you create an account online, you will get a username and password. You can set your own password and use it to access the account. When you enter the account, you can easily check the bills paid and the toll charges pending. You can also check the account balance by following the same path.

  1. Can I recharge the Pay By Plate MA account using a debit or credit card?

The prime function of a Pay By Plate MA account is a pre-charged digital account. You can recharge your account by following four conventional payment methods. You can also connect your Pay By Plate MA account with a valid bank account for further convenience.

  1. Where can I get the transponder to ensure that my car is being charged?

After creating a Pay By Plate MA account, a free transponder is sent to your registered address. You can install the transponder on your car’s windshield as directed and get recognized at all the toll booths.

  1. Is E-ZPass and Pay By Plate MA the same?

Both are different ways to pay toll charges. Pay By Plate MA is the way where the license plate is photographed and linked to the online account created by the car owner. The toll charges are then deducted from the account balance.

On the other hand, an E-ZPass account holder will have a transponder installed. It will get read at the tollbooths automatically and then the owner will be able to get the toll charges dedicated from the online E-ZPass account directly.