Customer Service

The state of Massachusetts has designed a unique electronic tolling program that allows the vehicle users not to wait in a queue and can automatically pay out the toll and parking charges. It takes hours cumulatively to queue up and pay the toll charges on weekdays causing a lot of time loss for the vehicle owners.


The state has approached this problem with a great solution by creating an online portal named EZDRive MA. All the users have to do is create an account in the Pay By Plate MA portal and get a digital transponder for free. This transponder can be installed in the rearview mirror or on the windshield to get scanned automatically when a vehicle passes a toll booth. The portal authority has also designed a customer support section to resolve issues and queries raised by the users. It can be accessed by visiting

Basics of PayByPlateMA portal

If you are a licensed owner of a vehicle in Massachusetts, you can easily create a user account in the government portal. All you need is the license plate number and a credit or debit account. The bank account number is introduced during the process of registration along with your phone number and a valid email ID.

The digital invoices related to the toll charges are sent to the registered email ID. They can also be checked on the official portal of PayByPlateMA. For further information regarding customer support, you can visit . The official portal accepts payments through the mail but not by phone. Here is a list of the customer support service contacts for EZDrive MA and Pay By Plate MA services.

EZDriveMA Payment Processing Center

P.O. Box – 847840


MA 02284-840

Postal address of Customer Service Center of EZDrive MA

P.O. Box 8007

Reddish-brown, MA 01501-8007

Postal Address of Customer Service of Pay By Plate MA

P.O. Box 8007

Reddish brown

Massachusetts 01501-8007

Another Postal Address for the EZDrive MA mailing service

27 Midstate Drive Auburn

MA 01501 – 1800

Fax: 508-786-5222

Customer Support Number: 877-627-7745

Email ID:

A user can easily log in to the account created at and use the given email ID to mail the grievances, issues, and queries. All mails are answered by the customer support division of this government initiative. In fact, a user can also use the video photos to pay the toll charges by visiting the official website. 

Benefits of PayByPlateMA service

Here is the list of benefits that make this official portal for electronic tolling service ideal for all vehicle owners of the state.

  1. No need to wait in a queue

On a busy day, time becomes a crucial point that ensures the management of all responsibilities. When car owners have to visit multiple locations at a time, they can save time by simply using the transponder installed on a windshield and creating an account.

  1. Easy account creation

There is no problem in creating the account. Simple instructions are given on the website to follow and create an instant account. Your bank account can also be linked easily.

  1. Excellent customer support

It may happen that the users are facing issues. There are multiple ways to reach out to the customer support section and get them resolved without any hassle. You can gather information related to customer support in this article.

  1. Maintaining the account

An easy recharge can also be done. Toll and parking charges get deducted from the linked account. A user can also pay it online at his convenience. The charges can also be paid via mailing services offered by the official addresses given above.


This venture from the state government of Massachusetts is the ideal example of how the appointed officials make daily commutes easier for vehicle owners. No matter what vehicle you own, you can easily get it registered with your vehicle plate number, license, vehicle model, and year of manufacturing and create a unique account.

Log on to the official website and enjoy the benefits of the automatic tolling service offered by the government. Vehicle owners from other states can also register in this online portal for convenience.


  1. How many options are available in the Pay by Plate MA portal?

There are four different options available on the official website. a user can also use mailing services to pay the outstanding toll and parking charges at his convenience.

  1. I will provide my personal information. Is it safe?

The official website is catered by the state of Massachusetts. This portal has end-to-end high-level encryption. Hence, your name, phone number, email ID, account information and license plate number will not be revealed to anyone. Hence, rest assured that the entire website is secure from any cyber-attacks.

  1. What is the easiest and fastest way to contact Pay by Plate MA customer support?

The fastest and easiest way to connect with the customer support section of Pay by Plate MA or EZDrive MA is by calling 877-627-7745. The executives respond faster and will assist you to resolve the issues and queries without any delay.

  1. Do I have to pay for registering in the portal and creating an account?

 Yes. You will have to make a payment in the beginning. The amount is deposited in the EZDrive MA account you have created. Toll charges will be deducted from this deposited amount automatically.

  1. Can vehicle owners from other states access this portal?

Anyone from the federal states of the USA can access this portal provided they have a registered account in it. They can avail of the services offered by the government of Massachusetts.